Sunday, 28 February 2010

Ninetieth Tiny Moment.


I was in two minds about using photographs as part of this comic.  In the end I opted not to try and illustrate the images of my aunt Mary and for the first time used unaltered photographs as part of the strip.  To me Mary exists only as photographs and stories and other people's memories and because of that, an illustration seems insufficient.


  1. I love all your moments and really appreciate the way you've opened up to the world and illustrated them in such a beautiful manner. It's moments like this that have really made me stop, look at the world and feel and think a bit deeper for a moment. All praise for releasing such personal material. Really, your project has touched me.

  2. I think that it's great you don't confine yourself when doing these moments and in this case I think that you were right to use the photographs. The diffrent and creative ways that you have worked on each moment, sometimes with colour, changing the layout, use of photography etc.. has complimented and enhanced the feeling being expressed. They're fantastic ... altho' sometimes so sad!