Thursday, 11 March 2010

Day One Hundred and One: Final Thoughts.

So this has been the first day in 100 days where I haven't drawn anything, haven't opened myself up to other people and talked about my life in comic book form.  It's been an amazing process and I've met so many lovely people and seen so much great work with such depth and variety.  Although it would have been nice to continue this project for a while, I'm certain it would only have been a matter of time before I missed a day or ran out of good ideas, or started to repeat myself.  I'd rather it was short and sweet than over-long and increasingly tenuous and flawed.

Perhaps in ten years, I'll come back for another 100 Tiny Moments, from what will be an entirely different persective.  We'll have to wait and see how my past will be viewed, and how my current experiences will be reinterpreted.  And what will my hopes and fears for the future be?

I would like to thank Josie Long for leading us all through this project, and my friends and family for supporting me throughout the process.  And of course, thanks to Mary for her inspiration, for putting up with me for 100 days, and for pushing me to produce the best work I could.

Finally, if anyone is interested in keeping up with what I do next, including me publishing my 100 Tiny Moments as a comic, as well as other projects in the works, please give me an email at:
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